What's your budget? You will need to consider all your monthly expenses and take into consideration some unplanned costs.

Wants vs Needs
When considering your home buying budget look at your needs first and wants second. This way you will get the most out of your purchase.

Consider now and your future
Consider what you need today and what may change in your life down the road. Find a home that meets both criteria.

Tips for the home search
A couple items that will impact your purchase are access to essential services and proximity to work and family.

Our buyer's team
Professionals to help with your purchase. Our team includes appraisers, lawyers, mortgage brokers. lenders, home inspectors, and insurance brokers.

RRSP's and the first time buyer
First time home buyers can use up to $20,000 of their RRSP's as a down payment. Here are some more details about the program. 

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation(CMHC)
You can put down as little as 5 percent on a home with the help of a CMHC insured mortgage. Find out more about the CMHC program.

Nine relocation mistakes
Consider these tips for avoiding costly mistakes when relocating to a new city

Moving up - How to do it better
Sell first, time your closings, and improve your current home. Just a few of our suggestions to enhance your move to a new home.

The buyer agency agreement - better for everyone
Buyer agency is better for everyone. Learn why in this report.

Why real estate investmests?
Real estate is the oldest and best of all investments. Learn the benefits of building equity with a time tested and low risk financial investment.

Contact the Kernick Team

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